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One of the most useful things that anyone can get when playing at the Euro City online casino is a great bonus. A Euro City casino bonus can be added onto one’s account with ease. This is something that can be handled for new members and returning members alike.

The first EuroCity casino bonus that a person can get will be worth a large amount of money. A one hundred percent matching bonus can be used on the first deposit that one makes on the site. A person can use this deposit up to a value of two hundred dollars, pounds or Euros. This is a one time EuroCity casino bonus that can be received instantly when getting into the online casino.

This is something that can only be taken once. However, the bonuses that can be earned after this initial Euro City casino bonus is received will be especially great for anyone to see.

The second bonus that a person can get is a weekly event bonus over the course of a full year. When a person deposits something the first time around that person will get a guaranteed bonus of ten percent up to $200, £120 or 130 Euros in value. This is something that a person can get every Thursday for the course of the entire year. Therefore, a person may be able to get $10,400, £6,240 or 6,760 Euros off of an account in free money to use at the Euro City casino.Eurocity Bonus

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It should be noted that like with other online casino a person will need to spend a certain amount of money to cash out one’s Euro City casino bonus. A person will need to spend fifty times the value of the Euro City casino bonus that was used in the entire process.

It should also be noted that the Euro City casino welcome bonus can only be used on certain parts of the site. The welcome bonus cannot be used on things like craps, roulette, baccarat, blackjack and video poker games. Only real money can be used on these games. The welcome bonus can still work on other types of games at the casino.

Be sure to see what the EuroCity casino bonus is like when getting the bonus to work for one’s needs. Getting the Euro City casino bonus is easy to do. It can also be something that can be worth a great deal of money for the first deposit and for deposits after that. It helps to also watch for how the casino bonus can only work in certain areas of the site and that a certain amount of money is needed to get this to be withdrawn.Download Now Click here to get started right away – Download Now

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