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The standard welcome bonus that a person can get off of the Euro City online casino is already strong enough as it is. A person will get a one hundred percent match on one’s first deposit up to a certain amount. However, a EuroCity bonus code can be entered to allow the user to work with even more money when getting into the casino. Anyone who wants to play at this casino should take a look at what this Euro City bonus code is about.

The Euro City bonus code that can be used here is incredibly easy to enter. What happens here is that the user can enter in the special Euro City bonus code of hbc20 when signing up for the casino. This code can be entered when going to the Cashier section of the main casino site after the installation process is completed on it.

When the user goes to enter in this Euro City bonus code the person will end up getting an even larger welcome bonus than what one would have originally gotten. The Euro City bonus code will give a person a two hundred percent welcome bonus on one’s deposit.

As a result of this Euro City bonus code the person will get the bonus of up to two hundred American dollars, British pounds or Euros as a result of entering the code. For example, a person who deposits £50 on the casino site will get a bonus of £100. This means that the person is going to get a total deposit of £150 to work.

However, the bonus money is still going to be the same in value when it comes to working with how the money can be withdrawn over time. The same standard of using the casino bonus money to a certain extent over time and the same limitations used on where the bonus can be spent at will have to be followed regardless of the bonus code that is being entered here.

The last part of this bonus code is that the weekly bonus that a person can earn off of the Euro City casino will not be impacted by this Euro City bonus code. The same ten percent bonus standard can still work throughout the first year that one is in the casino. This will be used to see that one can earn more money to play on the site.Eurocity bonus code

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It will be a great idea to work with this Euro City bonus code when getting onto the site. This is a great Euro City bonus code that will allow a person to get more money that can be used on the site for free. It will make the experience of playing at the Euro City casino all the more fun for anyone to deal with.

You can get an even better bonus playing EuroCity Casino by Entering the bonus code: hbc20join EuroCity today and get an extraordinary welcome bonus and enjoy a superb casino experience!