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When a person goes to play EuroCity casino that person will be eligible for a number of different types of special promotions that go beyond the standard types of bonuses that one would get out of an online casino. The special offers that work when anyone goes to play Euro City casino are great to see.

Tournaments. There are a variety of different tournaments held throughout the year for anyone who wants to play Euro City casino. These tournaments work to where people can deposit money into a tournament and compete to see how many winnings they can get over a period of time in some kind of game. People who win in these tournaments can get free money of all sorts of values.

These tournaments at the Euro City casino are usually held once a month. Also, the prizes are usually given out in American dollars.

The tournaments that are held on this site can vary in many different games. The tournaments that can be held when going to play Euro City casino include such things as video poker, blackjack and roulette tournaments. The Spin City tournament, which involves slot machines at the online casino, is also popular to see.

Blackjack Attack. On the 27th of each month the Blackjack Attack event occurs at the casino. This is special game for all members on the site that relates to blackjack. People can play blackjack throughout the entire day and compete to get the most possible points out of the event.Download Now

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Krazy Keno. Another similar promotion is the Krazy Keno event. This is where people can play keno on the 20th of each month and compete to see who can get the most out of something on the site. The people who earn the most on the site will win.

Casino Race. This is by far the largest of the promotions that the casino has in terms of its competitive tournaments. In the Casino Race, which occurs on the fifth day of each month, players will play on all parts of the casino and earn points. A person must deposit a hundred American dollars to do this. If a person wins more money, that person can end up being eligible to get into special bonuses of up to fifteen hundred American dollars.

These things can all be enjoyed by anyone who wants to play Euro City casino. These promotions work with a variety of different types of games in mind and can be especially exciting for anyone to play on. They should be considered when it comes to playing on the casino and taking advantage of all of the fun things to when on going to play Euro City casino.Play Now

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You can read more about Euro City Casino in the EuroCity Casino Review and you can get started and download eurocity casino right away.